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NEF (National Education foundation)

NE Region Committee Chair: Mary Hobart - Barnhart

Contact Email: Maryb.nawic@comcast.net

Contact Phone: Cell 302-588-1099 ( text is best to start)

We have the power to move women forward in this industry in personal, professional and trade levels.  We can make a difference in the lives of women that are committed to their construction career but feel lack of support and resources.   We can empower them and empower each other while we educate the world about construction careers and the many opportunities it has to offer women.

 One of the ways we can do this of course is to share NAWIC but we can also share the NEF courses with everyone that we meet.  These courses are not for members only.  Anyone can take these courses to not only enrich their lives but help them advance in their careers.

NEF is solely supported by sponsorships, Fundraising and donations. Your financial support educates others through various programs and adult education courses.   

Our Fundraising this year will be through the NEF Ladder Program ~ moving up the NEF Ladder helps not only promotes growth within NEF programs but also the Educational Opportunities that NEF offers everyone in the Construction Industry as well as K-12 programs to promote construction as a viable career.

We will also be asking Chapters and Regions to support our “Change Makes A Difference” campaign.

NEF is looking for Applicants for Board of Trustees positions.  Please contact me for an application form or they can also be found on the NEF Website www.nef-edu.org

If you have any questions about NEF programs, etc.  Please do not hesitate to contact me!

Adult Education Programs

 NEF focuses on construction education and offers several construction related adult education programs. NEF is proud to be named a Quality Education Provider by the American Council for Construction Education (ACCE).

Construction Bookkeeping Technician (CBT)
Certified Construction Associate (CCA)
Construction Industry Technician (CIT)
Construction Document Specialist (CDS)
Construction Industry Specialist (CIS)

Test at one of our designated locations and know

immediately if you’ve passed.  Testing must be

completed within three years of registering for test.

  K-12 Education Programs

NEF K-12 Education consists of programs created to foster and promote construction as a viable career choice among students.

Accessory Structure Project (ASP)
Block kids – Building block competition
High School CAD/Drafting Competition


NEF Liaison

What's new with NEF...

  • New website at www.nawiceducation.org 
  • Online testing for all certifications
Block Kids Program

CAD/Hand Drafting


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