NE Region Committee Chair:
Pat Riley (Northeast/Boston 15)

A Safety Program should be developed  to assure compliance with Federal, State and Local regulations with particular emphasis on the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (OSHA) and the OSHA requirements that apply to our construction operations. It is the obligation of all employees to be knowledgeable of the standards established by these agencies and to implement the rules and regulations contained therein on projects under their direction.
The personal safety and health of every employee of a company should be of primary importance. I work for an electrical subcontracter who has been in business 107 years and am personally responsible for making sure all jobs have on on each job site, a Safety Program Manual, MSDS Sheets, a copy of the Log 300 where all injuries per job are recorded, a Chemical Information List  and posters with Federal and State OSHA information. At the end of the year, the Log 300 for each job site, is sent into the me at the office to compile and post each year.
Our  safety and health program was prepared  by a safety management company who developed all of our our programs Additionally,  they will show up on  job sites for a safety inspection and report back to us their findings so that the issues can be addressed.  If  a serious injury occurs, they are immediately called to and asked show up on the job with our foreman and MOSH/OSHA for the accident investigations.
Tool Box Talks should held by a job foreman weekly and cover such topics as Fall Hazards, Ladders, Material Handling, Extreme Weather Conditions, Heavy Equipment and Crane Boom Failure, Power Lines and Housekeeping to name just a few. All Weekly Tool Box Talks are recorded by date, name of job foreman and signatures of those employees in attendance. Documentation is kept on the job site and copies sent to our office to be scanned into a job folder.
Documentation of all safety  training is essential and keeping employees safe is the ultimate goal.
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